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from the page, "Why I actually got penalised.... according to Matt Cutts himself (head of the Google spam team), my Google penalty was imposed for two main reasons:

1. Having paid links to bad neighbourhoods
2. Trying to game my search engine rankings with black hat SEO" "

Has a site been hit for having paid links on its site or is Matt Cutts just pretending? I think the former is more likely.
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from LocalHound 4084 Days ago #
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Man, It’s like they reduce a person to a child, humble and pleading before reinclusion.  That’s kind’ve a scary use of their power.  Or... should I not have said that.

from mvandemar 4084 Days ago #
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@LocalHound - Oh, that is it exactly. To file a reinclusion request, you literally have to check a box saying you understand that you actually did something wrong, and that you promise not to do it again. I have a site that was banned that I didn’t do anything wrong on, and was like, wth, can’t you guys even consider the fact that you might have made a mistake?

from chipseo 4081 Days ago #
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This was a great how-to article on what happened and how David was able to change it, thanks for posting the results.  With all the recent posts about the rel=nofollow and other paid link penalties this was a good one on what to and not to do.

from floppy 4080 Days ago #
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Wow great post David, I think we should try to spread the word abit as it is a fact that I overlooked and I bet a lot of others too.  I am referring to the fact the even TLA ads can affect your site.

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