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The "Did you mean" feature of Google Search has decided that if it simply can’t figure out what you meant to type in, it will just make up words of it’s own for you now.
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from sza 3497 Days ago #
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Possibly, it’s just a poor attempt at applying AI or some semantic hocus pocus to solve a problem.there really is no point in making up words just to try and look helpfulYes, there is. Google does not necessarily need to be helpful and relevant. To satisfy the large majority of users, it is perfectly enough to look and feel helpful and relevant.Unless you type in some totally non-existent query, Google (and other search engines) usually serve up 10 results. What if 8 of those are irrelevant, devoid of real content, or even the total opposite of what you have searched for? You’re still gonna get 10 results, because the expected behavior of a SE for most users is: serving up 10 results.The same philosophy (understanding of the average user) lies behind search suggestions. It doesn’t matter too much if they are meaningless. What matters more is how they make Google look helpful. 

from seobro 3458 Days ago #
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I typed in "V!^@RA" and got a link for visual resources, so all that spam email must be coming from visual resources, LOL

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