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from the page "Facebook is becoming more and more of an advertising platform, advertising that begins to take on a "Google meets Amazon" character. Not only can ads be personalized, but ads might also be shown to people in your social network because they are appropriate for you."
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from fumbleson 4116 Days ago #
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This incites some good thoughts on the future of social networking. We can definitely expect more vertical search depth from social platforms. What would you call it? Relationships tagging? Already, that functionality is one of the most exciting things about Facebook: photo tagging and friend details are just some of the ways Facebook is able to analyze network connections. For advertising and seo the more search-able data there is, the better.I somewhat disagree with showing a different profile to different groups of friends. I have a broad spectrum of personal, professional, and network contacts on Facebook and I don’t have a problem appearing as the same person for all of them. Personal contacts seem to respect an unwritten boundary and keep private anything questionable by messaging. Don’t we have enough control over our online images? At the same time, I won’t stand against progress if a complex "social negotiation" is what the people want. I expect that many people would embrace that type of feature. It’s something we all do already, interpersonally. But is this a question of usability or of advertising relevancy? Separating contacts to view one of a few unique profiles doesn’t offer any specific data about said contacts. To use Mike’s example, it doesn’t tell us who in his network likes baseball. For the purpose of boundaries, I prefer Lucy Kellaway’s suggestion of a limited profile for less familiar friends. In the case of advertising, if the demographic info available on Facebook isn’t enough to base an ad recommendation on then I don’t know what is.What are everyone’s thoughts on this?  Lyndon?

from MikeMoran 4115 Days ago #
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After I wrote my original post, I started to wonder if maybe different people would want different behaviors out of social networking. (This post seems to confirm that.) I also wondered (squint) whether my reaction is a baby boomer attitude of separating work from personal lives that is becoming so 20th century. (I still feel WAY more comfortable with the LinkedIn approach than with Facebook, but I am old.) I am only on Facebook a few days now, but I am fascinated by the way people interact and I am thinking a lot about where this goes. Thanks for providing your persepective--I can really use it.

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