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There are many benefits to publishing a business blog and improved search engine visibility is one of the most popular. It’s pretty common advice to hear: start a blog and the fresh content will attract links, improving your search results. Such tactical advice can be very effective.

Unfortunately, the advice gets filtered and distorted, not unlike what happens in the game “telephone” kids play. Pretty soon one or more blogs are implemented for the sole purpose and expectation of improving search engine visibility and nothing else. At least nothing else that’s accountable.
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from zigojacko 3422 Days ago #
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Agreed, too many people are starting SEO blogs now as well, many of them are not knowledgable in the industry, have no passion for the subject and just go round repeating topics from the well reputed and established blogs.It’s the reason I don’t blog SEO, I’ve got nothing worthy of contributing that all the top names in SEO aren’t already blogging about, heh. That’s why we end up with so much repeated crap on Sphinn, because everyone is writing about the same topics, granted, this is beneficial in some cases, but not in the majority.I think more newbie bloggers should pay attention to articles such as these and check out the "5 Tips for Successful Blog Optimization efforts" when that is posted as well. I guess bloggers see easy money making opportunities from it so they just jump in head first, no planning, no preparation and just end up pi$$ing everyone off.

from Misscj 3420 Days ago #
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I agree.  I blog about science topics that are relevant to SEO, and when I expand on something that has been covered at length or at all in a good SEO blog, I just link to it and get on with what I have to say or contribute rather than creating duplicate content.  I read a handful of blogs I really respect and find very interesting, but I avoid all the "noise" going on in the background.  SEO by the Sea does an excellent job of covering all the Google patents and so there’s no reason at all for me to blog about that, although some of it is in my area.  Instead I will post a comment on the blog.  I get requests about topics to blog about and as long as they’re not covered elsewhere in an easy to read and understand format I will.  Otherwise I refer to other blogs.  Actually on my blog you’ll find many links to other relevant resources.  If I read one more time for example that LSI is "a brand new technique recently being adopted by the search engines" in 2008/09, I will cry - it was patented in 1988 and published in 1990!

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from Jill 3420 Days ago #
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Anytime you do anything just for SEO purposes, it’s probably not going to work out the way you want it to. <div><div></div><div>Making your website better or more appealing by providing information via a blog might have a secondary benefit to your SEO. But it rarely works the other way around.</div></div>

from DavidSheeley 3420 Days ago #
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Good post. We just decided to blog some of our development with Studylimits. I’ve read my fair share of SOE articles and venture guides that pushed studylimits towards a blog. I don’t really see how a blog can fail if you’re using it as a publication for your project/business. It doesn’t take much effort to put up a blog - maybe 10 to 20 minutes. The opportunity cost is the time you could have put towards something else.. In some cases - just sitting around thinking of what you should do.You can see our progress at

from johnandrews 3420 Days ago #
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Sometimes i wonder if people actually read articles. This was about blogs built for SEO purposes, not blogs about SEO. Lee says that blogs built solely for SEO purposes fail.. and gives his reasons for having that opinion.  He doesn’t say blogs on the topic of SEO fail.On the actual article, I disagree with Lee’s generalization. Of course blogs started for a purpose other than blogging don’t succeed as often as blogs built for blogging, but there is so much more to it than described. A truly tactical SEO play, using blog software, can succeed quit well. Sometimes launching a blog for "SEO Purposes" can be very effective - it depends on the focus, the purpose, and the execution. Just like every other web project. I suspect Lee is responding to perspectives he’s encountered with his clients, who probably are like the bijillions of realtors who don’t understand much about SEO but who are nonetheless  certain that blogs are "good for SEO". People like that propose building blogs for SEO purposes. I wouldn’t be surprised if most of those fail. But that has little to do with blog technology and SEO, and nothing to do with SEO blogs like or

from toprank 3419 Days ago #
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I’m not sure it’s clear that this was part one of a two part post. Part 1 being why most company efforts at using blogs to solve SEO problems don’t succeed, especially long term. Part 2 gives specfic recommendations on blog strategy, tips on content sourcing, some logistics and measurement with a slant towards advice for corporate bloggers.<div></div><div>Yes, to John’s point it’s a set of observations and advice that’s come out of client/prospect discussions as many of our posts do. The fact that it’s possible for a tactical SEO effort to work well doesn’t mean it will. That situation when described assumes the content/listening/feedback issues are taken care of. The creative aspect of blogging can be a challenge to sustain long term. Therein lies a key point of the post.</div><div></div><div>The post certainly has nothing to do with blogging "about" SEO. That’s most of what we do to market and it’s worked amazingly well thank you very much.</div><div></div><div>Thanks for reading.</div>

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