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Gord looks into the issue of branding vs search:
>>Us: You have no search visibility for “keyword”
>Client: We don’t want visibility for “keyword”
>>Us: Why?
>Client: Because that’s not us. We don’t use “keyword” to describe ourselves. That’s not what we’re about.
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from DanaLookadoo 3443 Days ago #
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I’m surprised then went hot with no comments. This is an awesome post worth re-reading and distributing to clients.I especially liked this snippet:By not bidding on a keyphrase, the marketer is also removing themselves from the conversation. They’ll never hear the need expressed, so they’ll have no opportunity to fulfill the need. The marketer doesn’t own the search page. All they can do is choose to participate or not to.

from seobro 3443 Days ago #
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I will tell you this an you will think I am either a liar or crazy or both. Back in 2001 when Google was young I did some work for a company that back then was spending over $100,000/mo in Google Adwords. That may not sound like much now, but Google was a lot smaller then.The company’s star product which brought in over 50% of profit was on position 5 in goog for the registered trademark name. The company lawyer called goog and said "You dont put on position five for pepsi do you?" The next day we were on position one - imagine that!OK fast forward to today, I did a search on the product name and it was not in the top fifty. There was a ton of spam like "GET your home loan and drink ######## shake today".If you put the company name and the product name it shows up on position eight. I need to call the company owner, this is inCREDIgoogle.

from delux 3442 Days ago #
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Easier said than done.  With Google’s quality scoring it can be very expensive if you are trying to stay in a PPC keyword space where the user and Google don’t think you really belong.  I think your comparison from the airline ticket counter would make more sense if you are talking about organic search. 

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