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Mihaela Lica found spam in her Akismet spam filter from search upstart Cuil. Are they resorting to black hat SEO? Looking for publicity? Or is someone sabotaging the way Google sees them?
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from Misscj 3417 Days ago #
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I ask this of everyone right now: Do you really believe that Anna Patterson, and her team of extremely talented and experienced engineers and designers would really make such a mess of things?<div></div><div>How do you know that they don’t have a bigger index than Google? Why is it suddenly all down to the index anyway? There’s a lot of otherthings to consider or it’s not even worth having an index. You could say yes they’re rubbish, but it’s a bit odd don’t you think? I believe that you shouldn’t be too fast to shoot them down when you don’t know what they’re up to or what they’re doing. You might look a bit silly later on :)</div>

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from dannysullivan 3417 Days ago #
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Search for"" shows the person link spamming does it for a lot of different services, so I figure they tossed in Cuil simply to help mask some of their other activity. And to be clear, no, I don’t think Cuil is behind this.

from miguelstil 3416 Days ago #
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Missci, I don’t know whether they have a bigger index or not - I just don’t believe they have. I don’t want to go into the technical details of "why not" - think dataservers and financial resources. I am also not saying Cuil is rubbish, nor do I wonder, like many times before, who needs another search engine that does exactly what Google does. I am just not willing to tolerate spam from what should be a serious, reputable search engine. As Danny, I believe that someone else is behind this, and I did state that in my post, but because I wanted to engage Cuil in a conversation my style was aggressive. I am not the first blogger to experience "Cuil spam" and as a PR, I think Cuil should take a stand. Cuil is obviously a target on some spammer’s list and this is bad for their reputation.

from VinceSollitto 3416 Days ago #
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@miquelstil -- You’re right. Someone else is behind this-- a spammer who is mixing legitimate websites, such as Cuil, into their spam campaign to muddy the waters. Maybe a continued increase in NO FOLLOW use might discourage the insideous practice but spammers are an odd -- and very annoying -- lot.In any event, thanks to the folks who gave Cuil the benefit of the doubt. Happy to have a conversation at any time....

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