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A pretty amazing write up by Danny Sullivan covering what he believes is wrong with Microsoft Search and opportunities available to them.
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from BasvdBeld 3459 Days ago #
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Right at the end of 2008 one of the must read articles of the year.

from NickWilsdon 3459 Days ago #
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Very good article, I especially liked the comparrison between MS and Apple’s marketing strategy. It’s a terrible signal to tell the world that this is a primary reason you’re doing search, to grab some of the advertising cash away from Google. It would be like Apple trying to sell Macs by telling the world too much money is being spent on Windows PCs. Instead, Apple pitches the consumer advantages of the Mac. Similarly, Microsoft should be consistently pitching more than anything else that they are in search to improve life for consumers..

from carolinaimarketing 3458 Days ago #
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Wonderful article. About 18 months ago I really thought Microsoft was going to get their search business in line and make a run at Google. I’ve been disappointed over and over and I’m starting to doubt they will ever get over the hump.

from seobro 3458 Days ago #
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M$ is supposed to layoff 17% this year, many will come from deadsearch, deadmail, and deadspaces. Great names for a DYING company.

from fantomaster 3458 Days ago #
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@NickWilsdon: spot on! And it’s actually quite ironic that MS who have taught the world the intrinsics of global marketing for the better part of two decades now should fail so miserably on this front.

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