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I asked what people wanted Google to tackle in webspam for 2009. The #1 complaint was "No reviews found"-type pages. So I’m putting out a call for examples and we’ll use the feedback that people send us. If these pages annoy you, now is the time to send example urls and we’ll investigate.
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from paisley 3417 Days ago #
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geesh... how many do you want, almost every single one is a misspelling.

from Harith 3417 Days ago #
Votes: -1

Matt McGee has mentioned within his post on SEL an example of ‘Empty Review Sites’

from onreact 3416 Days ago #
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On German Google the phrase bmx video brings an empty page at #2 videos found with this tag it says.

from yetanotherben 3416 Days ago #
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I can’t imagine enough people will really sign-up to do this will they? Or at least enough for it to feel like some sort of democracy?

from Harith 3416 Days ago #
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IMO, Matt Cutts call for feedback on WebSpam issues, illustrates new era of growing and improving commmunications between Google and webmasters communities!

from seobro 3416 Days ago #
Votes: 2

I am tired of garbage spam on Google. For example, the MFA word salad that is composed of 1000 keywords. However, no results pages might be a programming error. Perhaps, if a large website has too many of these Google could flag it.What Google should hit hard are freeware sites that put spamware on your computer with that annoying REGISTER NOW nagware.

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from incrediblehelp 3416 Days ago #
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I think this is pretty dumb.  It makes sense if your a review website and your page is ranking without reviews.  Bad experience for end visitors, but if your an online retailer and just happen to offer product reviews as part of the product page then it is dumb to complain that no reviews are there yet.This should hamper the ability of the online retailer to rank and sell there products.

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