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Some determining factors and theories that are important when promoting stories to hit Digg’s front page. These are some great tips on building an authoritative profile on
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from mrbleeuz 3024 Days ago #
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Yes ! according to season submitted story always fever and gives good response.

from Misscj 3023 Days ago #
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But isn’t Digg working on getting rid of the front page and using personalisation? Jay Adelson talked about it at Web 2.0 Expo:

from tamar 3022 Days ago #
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@mrbleeuz, thank you for using English words in your comment.  Unfortunately, that’s about all I understood from it -- it actually isn’t written in English.  @Missci, no.  I was at Web 2.0 Expo and they have been using Digg’s recommendation engine (which happens to suck) for awhile, but Digg would never be doing away with its highly propular frontpage.  If you want that kind of front page personalization, there’s always Mixx.@guillebravo6: It’s ironic given the topic of this post that a bunch of Sphinn account holders who use Digg pretty much exclusively (and never Sphinn, unless asked--a fact which I confirmed) came out of the woodwork to vote on this story.  My problem with this post is that there’s literally nothing new here.  It almost seems as if this is a repeat of my talk from SMX Social Media in October 2006. The problem with Digg as evidenced by this article is that you need to get a lot of Diggers to help push your story to the frontpage (and this likely will also yield some organic votes).  It’s also why I gave up on Digg (because like I said in my post, begging for votes became a full-time job.  Sadly, it’s obvious that people still do it!)  I don’t use Digg anymore, yet I have forged *so* many relationships with people on Digg who now are not reachable via IM services because they are being spammed to death via IM to vote on stories.  This is NOT an isolated incident.  People are getting sick of being asked to vote for social news sites.  Sadly, Digg set a really bad precedent.By the way, Digg has a community. Sphinn has one too, and there are pretty regular and active members in it. You should get to know the community members and involve yourself regularly within this community: submit stories, vote, and comment (more so than you’ve done thus far).  Being active in the community and networking is a key part of *any* social network involvement and will help you yield success that actually supersedes gaming the system.  This article failed to touch upon that pretty critical point.

from Misscj 3022 Days ago #
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Thanks Tamar for the clarification.

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