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Well ya’ll know I am just about the SEO Geeks and bringing a better skill level to SEO.... a great post that also highlights a few of my fav peeps in Bill (Slawski) and CJ (Marie-Claire Jenkins)- give it a read and start workin on your uber geekiness in search this year would ya? Tnx... knew U could do it...
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from yetanotherben 3438 Days ago #
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I’m so lousy at remembering to sphinn great content - apologies Michael!  I read this the other day and like with most of your articles it’s certainly worth sharing with rest of the SEO community! 

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from hugoguzman 3438 Days ago #
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Great piece. I love science. No seriously...

from theGypsy 3438 Days ago #
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Props to him as well.... he’s one of the folks that I have read over the years and I am pumped to see him highlighting the more technical folks as they don’t get enough attention IMHO...

from besetbypixies 3434 Days ago #
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Intresting piece.  Despite the fact that I like most of what you say this one niggled me enough to come out of the closet and write a reply (which didn’t fit in a comment so turned into a post of its own.)  Which I am sure you can find if you want.Since then saw this article, which made me, as an ex-scientist, smile.  Don’t be too fast to push SEO towards science.  It’s not all deductive reasoning and occam’s razor.  A bumper crop of bad science plopped out of our universities and hospitals this week. Three lots at once, and all about relationships. The first gang, from UCL, LSE and Warwick Medical School, have "developed a mathematical model of the mating game to help explain why courtship is often protracted". Or as every girl’s mother has probably told her, "Don’t do it on the first date. If he can’t wait, he’s not worth it." Next comes Newcastle University psychologist Dr Thomas Pollet, declaring that "women’s orgasm frequency increases with the income of their partner". And, doziest of all, Dr Malcolm Brynin, "leading" sociologist at the University of Essex, advises us to avoid an intense and passionate first relationship, or at least forget about it, or it will make future partners seem "boring and a disappointment".I would like to tear my hair out. I ought to be used to professors churning out this sort of old-hat, inapplicable drek, time after time, but for me the shock never fades. How do they get away with it? Has Professor Robert Seymour, of UCL, been shut away in the groves of academe since birth, and does he really think that we don’t know that "longer courtship is a way for the female to acquire information about the male". Has he ever met a female person? Or a male from the outside world? Did he not know already that we know that you can’t get to know someone all that well in the course of a quick bang? It comes from the UK newspaper the Guardian and was writen by Michelle Hanson.

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